Within the overall activities of Grupo DS, DS-Engenharia e Construção occupies a strategic position by centralising the development tasks that relate chiefly to knowledge and to planning and project skills.


The company’s operations framework also addresses activities of a prospective nature such as circular construction and sustainable development projects that include an integrated approach to economic, social and environmental concerns in building processes and urban rehabilitation.
It is an effort to adapt to new contexts in the sector that involve new materials, suitable waste management and new systems for enhancing products and materials that are fit for reuse or recycling.
These new tasks are mainly performed in partnership and via partnership networks with institutions and businesses in which DS II has already begun to participate as part of an attitude of permanent learning.



Grupo DS has wholeheartedly adopted the concept of network-company. It is a vision which opens business relationships to processes of co-construction of solutions and sharing visions and experiences with the players in the institutional and commercial context. In this situation, we regard our clients and suppliers as partners in the processes of quality and cooperation.

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